Spirits and Sustainable Development: our new economic and ecological concept

02 Feb 2022

Spirits and Sustainable Development: our new economic and ecological concept

Wednesday 02 Feb 2022

Sustainable development, a value of L’Explorateur du Goût

For several months, L’Explorateur du Gout team has been exchanging with its partners and thinking about a new consumption alternative in line with our vision and values. Concerned about sustainable development, aware of our impact on the environment and determined to become actors of change, we are proud to offer you a new consumption experience, respectful of the environment and of people: La Spirithèque.

the spiritheque new concept of design and innovative spirits

New consumer trends

By speaking with consumers and analyzing their expectations, we have come to a conclusion: consumers are more than ever expecting real social commitments from the sector’s players. In fact, new trends and consumption habits have been adopted by the French for several years. An ethical and ecological awareness is developing among French consumers of spirits, all generations included. Ils sont plus que jamais à la recherche de produits qualitatifs, responsables et porteurs de sens. Compared to 10 years ago, 70% of consumers would give more importance to the ethical dimension of spirits, and 80% of them would declare to be more attentive to information on the production of spirits.

the spiritheque new concept of bulk spirits

L’Explorateur du Goût in line with consumer expectations

In line with current developments, L’Explorateur du Goût has been committed to a sustainable and ethical approach since its creation. Our will is to propose only products elaborated in the respect of the traditional know-how and the producers. Indeed, the most important purchase criteria for consumers in terms of spirits are the origin, the origin of raw materials, traceability, the contribution of the brand to employment and the local economy, and the respect of the environment. L’Explorateur du Goût provides a concrete response to consumers by making it a point of honor to market only natural, artisanal spirits, some of which are even certified organic, to guarantee the quality of the product and limit its impact on the environment. As an example, we bring a total transparency to the consumer by analyzing all the rums that we propose in laboratory, to guarantee him a selection of rums without additions and in conformity with the regulation. The composition of all the rums we distribute are even available on the Pur Rhum website ( www.purrhum.com). As part of our CSR policy, we work with an ESAT that employs disabled people to produce our product samples. Finally, in order to develop our low carbon approach (aiming at carbon neutrality) and to assure you of the low impact of our products on the environment, our logistics partner is a signatory of the Objectif CO2 charter.

Today, l’Explorateur du Goût wishes to go further.

the spiritheque new concept of environmentally friendly spirits

A new way to consume spirits, proposed by l’Explorateur du Goût

In order to provide a concrete response to the issues of ethical and sustainable consumption, and to gradually move towards carbon neutrality, L’Explorateur du Gout is proud to announce the launch of La Spirithèque.

La Spirithèque, what is it?

It is a new offer of refillable spirits, respectful of the environment, which will accompany you and your customers in a more respectful consumption of the environment, economic, and high-end. La Spirithèque is first and foremost an experience based on furniture entirely designed and made in France with FSC-certified beech wood and custom-blown glass bottles. Its sleek and contemporary design, in addition to its modular and scalable construction, will adapt to any environment. The cellar experience is thus reinvented in a more authentic way to highlight what really matters: the product, the producers and their know-how.

La Spirithèque is also a commitment, that of putting forward “Author Spirits”. Our objective: to create an experience, to provoke an emotion, to make spirit lovers experience a moment of pleasure by highlighting passionate, committed producers who are constantly striving for excellence in their products.

How does La Spirithèque work?

Contact L’Explorateur du Gout team if you wish to implement the La Spirithèque concept in your cellar. We offer you La Spirithèque furniture on a rental basis, allowing you to offer your customers a new and entirely personalized spirits experience. Indeed, they first choose their recycled glass bottle size among the 3 available models, then a spirit from La Spirithèque’s selection, thanks to the tasting notes as well as the information about its producer and its history. That’s it! You can fill the bottle for your customer from the backlit bottles and can even offer them gift packaging. On his next visit, he comes back with his empty bottle, thus avoiding unnecessary waste. For you, it is an offer that generates recurrence and loyalty. The distribution of spirits by La Spirithèque allows a drastic reduction of the carbon footprint. Indeed, through this process, logistic constraints are lightened and it is no longer necessary to transport glass bottles but only the liquid. This new distribution method therefore generates a 70% reduction in carbon footprint compared to a traditional 70cl bottle. And we continue to improve our processes to further reduce the carbon footprint.

What spirits are available in La Spirithèque?

A selection of three Blended Malt Scotch Whiskies has been specially elaborated for La Spirithèque. Scott Watson, Master Blender renowned in the world of Scotch whisky and who has been collaborating with us for several years, has elaborated three whiskies with unique profiles: a light and fruity whisky, a round and spicy whisky and a peated whisky. These are exceptional products that can’t be found anywhere else and that give La Spirithèque its uniqueness.

la spiritheque new concept of refillable and ecological spirits

La Spiritheque, a new ecological and innovative concept

La Spirithèque, who is it for? This concept is for all wine merchants who want to offer a new consumption alternative to their customers and meet their expectations of a more ethical consumption, while becoming actors of change.

The goal of La Spiritheque?

  • To provide you with concrete answers to a constantly changing market and new awareness.
  • To actively and concretely participate in a change in our consumption habits to drastically reduce carbon emissions and have a positive impact on society.
  • To propose a new offer in adequacy with the new expectations of the consumers, all generations included, by proposing them the best product in the most ethical way possible.
  • Discover unique spirits, with a wide variety of tasting profiles, but also discover the producers, their know-how and their history.
  • To offer a new experience in the cellar, a new way of consuming and an ecological alternative that avoids the production of unnecessary waste.

Discover La Spirithèque through our Youtube channel L’Explorateur du Goût by clicking here!  

For more information, do not hesitate to contact your usual L’Explorateur du Gout agent or our team directly.

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