Japanese Whisky tradition as you’ve never tasted it before…

Thought you had discovered everything there is to discover when it comes to Japanese whisky? Think again!
Kujira is an original proposition that takes us to the islands of Okinawa to discover an age-old distilling tradition. And what a delight it is to lose oneself in the typically smooth, mellow character of a Japanese whisky and be transported by aromas that have been so beautifully polished by time. This is one journey not to be missed!

The Story

Kujira reveals the originality and splendour of the Okinawa Islands, also known as the Ryukyu Islands. The unique history and culture of this southernmost prefecture of Japan are reflected in the expression of the whiskies. The iconic distilleries Kumesen Syuzo and Shuri Sanka, which produce Kujira, uphold this rich and ancient cultural heritage.
Their production process is centred on the working of the 100% locally-sourced rice and draws on Okinawan know-how and tradition in terms of distillation and ageing.
Kujira is an ode to the unique terroir of the Okinawa Islands, the archipelago of the Kingdom of Ryukyu.

The People

The Kumesen Syuzo distillery, founded in 1952, started out producing Awamori, an alcoholic beverage made from fermented and distilled rice, typical of the Okinawa islands. Around 1989, the distillery began ageing Awamori in oak barrels. Thus, under the expert eye of Yoichi Higa, a Japanese whisky was born, unique within its category and dubbed Ryukyu Whisky.
The Higa distillery, founded in 1846 and descended from Shuri Sanka, is the region’s oldest distillery. It has inherited traditional production methods dating back 160 years, an unmatched expertise resulting in an exceptional product.

The Tasting

Kujira 20-Year-Old, Single Grain produced entirely from 100% Indica rice. The spirits are aged in old Bourbon casks and have a remarkable tasting profile. Its smoothness and complexity offer whisky lovers a refreshing alternative.
Kujira 8-Year-Old is malted, fermented and distilled by the distillery’s talented craftsmen. Ryukyu Whisky is crafted from the finest Indica rice and black Koji, unique to the Okinawa Islands. After more than 8 years of ageing in sherry or American bourbon casks, it reveals a light, well-balanced character.